Anti-Corruption & Social Accountability Project

The MacArthur Foundation has appointed the Arewa Research & Development Project (ARDP) as one of its Grantees as part of its “Bet On Nigeria” project.  The Nigeria Big Bet strategy is primarily designed to reduce corruption by supporting Nigerian-led efforts that strengthen accountability, transparency, and participation.

The project is to promote accountability by amplifying investigative reports produced by media and journalism grantees of the Foundation.  Focusing on Borno and Zamfara states, ARDP will translate and disseminate investigative reports on corruption into Kanuri and Hausa and also use infographics and data visualization.  The translated investigative reports will be disseminated to educate and influence citizens and community groups to demand accountability and to increase support for anti-corruption efforts.

ARDP will also link up with anti-corruption agencies in the two focal states and convene meetings with high-level citizens of the states.  Also, Radio/ Television programs will be done to educate key stakeholders and the common man on how to track local project execution in their communities.

The primary goal of the project is to contribute to the alignment between the interests of the citizens in the fight against corruption and the demand for public sector accountability.  The strategy is to enhance the capacities of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Community-Based Organisations (CBOs).

ARDP’s Capacity Building Training for its Network of CSOs/CBOs

The ARDP organized a capacity-building training for its network of CSOs/CBOs on the utilization of translated investigative reports on corruption and the promotion of social accountability by the grantee’s journalists for advocacy against corruption and demand for social accountability in the two focal states of Borno and Zamfara.  The training is also meant to prepare on how to organize and mobilize citizens’ active participation in the fight against corruption.

The Arewa Research & Development Project (ARDP) organized an Organisational Capacity Assessment for its network of CSOs and CBOs in Borno and Zamfara in early August 2017.  The assessment is to gauge the level of readiness and capacities of the affiliate CSOs/ CBOs in undertaking the campaign on anti-corruption and social accountability in the two states. Some of the CSOs/ CBOs that participated in the capacity assessment are Borno Action Coalition, Agaji Community Development,  Taimako CDI, Rahama Women Development, Shehuri North Community Development Association, Comeminas, Shuwar Madinatu Youth Development Association, Women Guide to Success Development Association, Gamboru Youth Association, Humancentric Initiative for Peace & Social Cohesion, Grassroots Initiative for Women Development, Cohort for Existential Emergency Relief, Interaction Initiative, National Youth Council of Nigeria – Borno State, Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria (FOMWAN) – Borno State, Bulabulin Youth Progressive Association (BYPA).

The programme lasted for two days and a lot of information and data was collected about the CSOs/ CBOs which will be used to design the forthcoming capacity building for the upcoming tasks ahead.

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