Research & Development

Research and development at ARDP aims to reinvent the North through ideas by developing innovative solutions to the North’s most daunting challenges. From addressing its political, economic and social needs,ARDP’s work is grounded in empirical data, rigorous research and thoughtful analysis.

ARDP combines its experience and well-collected evidence and analysis to create programs, campaigns and initiatives to improve the livelihood of its target audience.

Anti-Corruption & Social Accountability Project

ARDP is undertaking anti-corruption and social accountability project in the 19 Northern States, with focus on Borno and Zamfara States, of Nigeria.

MacArthur Foundation through this grant is helping to strengthen organizations that give “voice” to underrepresented communities most impacted by corruption and lack of accountability in the policymaking and implementation processes.

Development of Processing Technology for Shea Butter in Nigeria

One of the objectives of ARDP is to grow industrialization especially in agro-allied areas of the Northern States of Nigeria. Shea Nuts from the locally available shea trees were identified as important economic products across many states but which lack technology for their processing and value addition. Production presently is by traditional methods which are grossly inefficient, with low capacity.